Xiaomi may soon start mass production of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are now seen as the future of the auto industry. This is also why not only the more traditional car manufacturers tend to shift their attention to the electric vehicle segment, but even the big tech companies don’t want to be late to lose market share. fat. Xiaomi founder and CEO, Lei Jun, recently revealed that the progress of the commercial electric car project has exceeded expectations, and the mass production phase is probably not too far away. Back in late 2021, Xiaomi announced plans to build a “super factory” of electric car production in the suburbs of Beijing, with a production capacity of no less than 300,000 units per year. CEO Lei Jun, has revealed that he hopes Xiaomi can mass produce electric vehicles by 2024, and the factory complex will be an important factor in realizing this goal. Earlier in March of the same year, the Chinese technology giant publicly said it would spend no less than $ 10 billion on the development of electric cars in the next decade. The disbursement plan will start from August after the company’s EV business registration is completed. By August 2022, Xiaomi continued to announce a plan to devote large resources to R&D of smart driving technology with the name Xiaomi Pilot Technology. CEO Lei Jun announced his company will invest 3.3 billion yuan ($490 million) to form a team of more than 500 experts focused on researching everything related to autonomous vehicle technology. Currently, CEO Lei Jun said that the winter testing phase is also completely successful and he hopes the first commercial vehicle called Xiaomi Modena EV will be able to hit the market next year. According to official documents, by the end of 2022, Xiaomi has invested more than 3 billion yuan (about 433 million USD) in the research and production of electric cars. Based on leaked information, Xiaomi Modena EV is likely to be a mid-size sedan with a sporty design, with an expected selling price of about 350,000 yuan. There are many types of greenhouse gas emissions generated by human activities, in which, exhaust fumes from vehicles account for a large part. In the context of climate change due to the greenhouse effect is progressing faster than expected, governments in many countries around the world are actively promoting the implementation of measures to encourage people to switch to using greenhouse gas. electric vehicles.

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