Chinese phone fully charged in just 5 minutes

Chinese companies are leading in fast charging technology when launching fast chargers with a capacity of 100W. Meanwhile, Apple or Samsung are still very cautious when only devices support 30W and 45W fast charging, respectively. Not stopping there, recently Xiaomi’s Redmi brand has announced a 300W charger with a capacity that far exceeds that of a laptop that can “charge the battery in 5 minutes”. Accordingly, Redmi’s brand new charger can fully charge the battery in just 5 minutes, or it only takes 2 minutes to charge 50%. This amazing result is made on the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition model, which is equipped with a 4,100mAh battery, slightly smaller than the 4,300mAh in the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition 210W. In the video, the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition reaches 20% in just over a minute, 50% in 2 minutes and 12 seconds, and then 100% in less than 5 minutes. The power meter says a peak input of slightly more than 290W to the charger, and it can also sustain 280W or more for about two minutes at a time. This is a high charging technology developed by Xiaomi itself. They have researched a chip that controls the charging current and increases the power conversion efficiency to 98%. This new technology reduces heat generation when charging at high currents. To ensure safety with extremely large voltages up to 15V – 30A, Xiaomi has used hard carbon material to make the mobile battery. This technology has only been demo tested, Xiaomi did not mention whether this 300W charging technology will be mass-produced. Xiaomi also doesn’t share charging cycle figures, leading many to worry that battery life could be affected by the higher charging capacity.

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